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At Patagonia Experience we are all about quality and as a mark of our commitment to this we are proud to be certified by Sernatur.

The Sernatur Quality System for Tourist Services is a programme developed by the Chilean government that aims to improve the supply of tourism services through voluntary compliance with established quality and technical standards that have been developed by the industry. The primary aim of this programme is to improve the satisfaction of guests using these services. This program is aimed at companies and tourist services already established in the areas of; tourist accommodation, travel agencies, tour operators, adventure tourism activities and tourism guide services.

Companies that achieve Sernatur Quality Certification receive the Tourism Seal of Quality, a symbol that assures all our guests that they are in the very best hands.

Furthermore, in addition to our voluntary compliance with Sernatur, Patagonia Experience have developed a number of in house systems and procedures for ensuring the high standard of service our guests have become accustomed to; from using only internationally certified technical equipment, to using professional Guides who compete in their respective disciplines at an international level, to having at least one English speaking representative in our office every day of the week.

We also highly value your comments and suggestions; after every activity you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to us, we use this feedback in our work to constantly be the best.

We look forward to you coming on our adventures,
Oficina Nueva Oficina Nueva
Oficina Nueva Oficina Nueva
We have extensive facilities for the comfort of our customers.
Large dressing rooms, bathrooms with shower and hot water, cafeteria, spacious reception.
The Best Staff, to make your adventure, the best experience.
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