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Scott Mountainbike Tours
scott mountainbike tour

If you like healthy and natural; come and explore Pucon´s surrounding areas and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes, on a bike trip with expert guides who will take you to the most amazing places.

We will meet at our office at 10:00 am, we will go through General Urrutia street, until we reach Colo-Colo street, where we will start riding on the bikeway toward Quelhue´s sector, this is a dirt road, wich is why we will have to make a small effort to move along, once we get to Quelhue´s runway, we will stop to rest for a few minutes and enjoy the view of some of Trancura´s river rapids.

We will continue from there to “Eyes of Caburga” (Ojos de Caburga) sector, along a  road surrounding Quelhue´s hills, enclosed by native trees and Trancura river by our side.

We´ll stop in the “Eyes of Caburgua” to relax, take pictures and walk through the trails to the "Blue Lagoon" (Laguna Azul) is a short walk that will take approximately 10 minutes.

We will take our Scott bikes to continue towards Caburgua Lake, part of the road will be through the hills, the rest of it through highway.
We´ll rest at the Lake for several minutes to take the road back to the city by the main road.

We will stop at the Metreñehue Bridge to see Trancura river and it´s fast waters, then we should go to “El Turibio” sector, our last stop to see the volcanic eruptions left by the Villarrica volcano.

· Includes:

· Full equipment:
Scott helmet
Scott Aspect Bike 2009 / 2010
· Tickets to public and private places to visit.
· Professional Guide
· Accident Insurance
· Hot chocolate, or  beverage returning to the agency.

· What should I bring:

· 2 lts. of water
· Sandwich
· Fruit
· Chocolate or Cereal bars
· Sunglasses
· Sunblock – Sunscreen

· What to wear:

· Long Socks
· Tshirt
· Micropolar - Soft Shell
· Comfortable Pants

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